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Radioactive radiation can lead to diverse health problems:

  • In pregnant females incorporated radioactive substances can, in particular, lead to miscarriages, stillbirth or deformities.
  • Radioactive substances, incorporated or deposited in the environment, can cause leukemia or diverse types of cancer even after a latency period of several years.
  • Pregnant women, children, adolescent and joung adults are at least tenfold more susceptible to radioactivity than adults.
  • Even minimal dose rates can cause cancer as has been proven recently by scientific studies involving several millions of children in the Swiss Alps, more than 300,000 employees of nuclear power plants, and thousands of inhabitants of Radon-contaminated homes.
  • The so-called acute radiation sickness will not be caused below a critical threshold of radiation dose. Contrariwise leukemia, cancer or deformities can be provoked by any level of radiation, even at lowest dose rates. A lower threshold does not exist below of which radiation would be risk-less.