monitoring radioactivity around nuclear facilities Doel, Tihange, Chooz, Borssele --

Dutch network
initiated and operated WISE World Energy Information Service and WAAG Technology & Society

ODL-Info: Radioaktivity in Germany
Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz
Sensor station e.g. at Aachen-Laurensberg, Alsdorf-Zopp

Worldwide map of monitoring stations, e.g. in Maastricht.

A place to log background radiation, display charts and map, build, chat and create. is for experimenters, enthusiasts and background radiation monitoring. You can send background radiation readings from a wide range of geiger counters, home built or kit built or some commercial counters.

GMC map
Aprivate world map of measuring stations

EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform
Links to institutions and authorities responsible for national affairs

Radiation Network Europa
Offshoot of a US network (presently only sparse stations in Europe)

European monitoring facilities
Europe-wide network of state-run sensor stations for Gamma rays; data update only every 3...4 hours

Worldmap of radioactive radiation
Open project for the import of privately yielded data; data of mixed quality; station in Aachen

Open environmental data for everyone
Origin in Japan; volunteers contribute data from fixed or moving location which are geographically mapped

World map of Radioactive@Home radiation sensors
Stationary sensor stations, e.g. at Würselen (ID 14992).

MAUS e.V. Trier: Measuring for environmental protection
Founded 1988 in Trier by anti-nuclear activists motivated by the prolonged operation of the French NNP Cattenom (approx. 40 km off Trier; aims at monitoring the atmosphäric radioactivity in the precincts of the NNP

SEA Strahlenschutz-, Entwicklungs- und Ausrüstungsgesellschaft
Sensor station based on scintillator technology at Dülmen

FANC Federal Agency for Nuclear Control