monitoring radioactivity around nuclear facilities Doel, Tihange, Chooz, Borssele --

DSC00788wThe presently installed sensor stations apply Geiger-Müller counter tubes for radiation detection. Also PIN-diode detectors have been used in several stations. By counting the impulses delivered by the detector a microcomputer (RaspberryPi) computes dose rate values. Mean values of a sliding window averager (15 minutes) are encrypted and transfered, via internet, to the server. Hardware and software are based on the open resource project PiGI.

Sensor stations are rolled out in 3 by 6 by 8 inch waterproof boxes (7.5x15x20 cm) intended to be installed at an outdoor position which is protected against driving rain and direct solar radiation (e.g. mounted to a wall under a balcony or porch), preferably at 3 feet (1 m) above ground. They need 5V DC power supply for their operation and internet access via the local DSL router. If an outdoor mains outlet is provided at the installation site data transfer can be facilitated via mains line. Alternatively data transfer and power supply can be merged on a single data cable (PoE). All options are descibed in detail in an  installation guide for download.

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Stations are installed at user sites on loan. They remain in the ownership of FIfF e.V.