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Jan 29, 2021: Server up :) -- 

Jan 28, 2021: Server down due to maintenance problems --  
We are working hard ...

Dec 31, 2020: Letter to the hosts and operators of TDRM sensor stations at the turn of the year -- 
Dear friends:
2020 was an exceptionally hard year, burdening with unprecedented threats and restrictions. Hardly surprising, the risks of continued operation of outdated nuclear reactors got much less attention than deserved in media coverage and public awareness. Nevertheless, the risks of fatal nuclear accidents will increase with every additional year of operation.
Boldfaced the pro-nuclear lobby abuses the situation to pursue their interests. The discussion of plans for interim nuclear waste storage facilities and about potential locations for permanent storage sites slipped public awareness. The delivery of fuel elements for Doel-2 by ANF Lingen was at first stopped by a restraining order of the Aachen Administrative Court. Shortly thereafter, however, the Hessen District Administration Court reversed the order on appeal of the manufacturer -- again with little or no public attention. Meanwhile Dutch Government considers to operate NPP Borssele until 2053. Its total run time would then amount to 80 years! ...
It would seem that we have to go on with our fight for a soon shut-down of nuclear reactors about us, and now even in the Netherlands. Hence we will still need the TDRM network for a while -- for citizens' information about present radioactivity levels, for reminding everybody of the ongoing threat, for gaining time in cases of emergency.
Proudly we can report, that up to now the network has been extended towards 32 sensor stations, and it operates pretty stable providing an availability of an estimated 90...95%. Recently three stations have been added which had been assembled by their hosts on their own initiative. Early this year we agreed on a mutual exploitation of measurement data by the Dutch project GammaSense which operates a radiation sensor network of about 30 stations, mostly on Dutch grounds. Since May we include into the TDRM survey nine GammSense stations located in areas-at-risk.
We did not yet give up plans for a redesign of the TDRM sensor station with extended measuring options (e.g. Beta in addition to Gamma radiation), independence of power supply and other features. It keeps to be a dream as long as we are too short of human resources -- however, who never had a dream ...
The members of the TDRM project team cordially thank all of you who are supporting the TDRM project by running and maintaining one of our sensor stations in the field, some of you already for more than four years -- and those who kept the project alive by their generous donations!
We wish you a peaceful and recreative season, and for the New Year, above all, health and confidence,
Daniel Brückner, Peter Kämmerling, Gerd Krenzer, Heiko Mahnke, Mike Rabald und Dietrich Meyer-Ebrecht

August 08, 2020: Heatproblems  --  
Due to excessive ambient temperatures severals of our sensor station from under a temporal outage of the measuring signal. We are working on a solution.

May 11, 2020: TDRM shares GammaSense data -- 
A WISE/WAAG initiative recently launched a new network for the monitoring of radioactive radiation. Sensor stations are predominantly located in the Netherlands, see Rather than overlapping the networks of GammaSense and TDRM favourably complement each other. So it suggested itself to combine our strengths by mutually sharing our data.A first step has been accomplished by importing sensor data of a handful of GammaSense stations. In a first approach we selected GammaSense stations at locations most relevant for TDRM's mission. The pop-ups of GammaSense stations (green icons) provide links to their operators' website, to detail maps of the station's surroundings, and to time charts.

--- Past matters ---

March 19, 2020: Failure of the representation of the current radiation values on the table of measurements. We are working on the problem.
Meanwhile, current values ae still provided as time series accessible by links underlying the numeric values in the column "Average" of the table of measurements.
See also for an alternative survey of current measurements and trends!

August 15, 2019: Newly hatched swallow chicks on top of TDRM_35 :) ---

August 14, 2019: TDRM_35 (Comblain au Pont) has to stay offline until a pair of swallows' brood has become fully-fleged. The box must not be opened to change a failed part since the birds built their nest on top of the box -- how lovely ;) ---


July 25, 2019: Excessive ambient temperature causes temporary break-down of several sensor stations or, in some cases, wrong measuring results :( ---

April 15, 2019: Greenpeace Greencast 217, podcast interview "TDRM", recorded on March 29, 2019 at 7pm in Berlin (approx. 25min, in German) ---

April 9, 2019: Simulation experiments, please ignore temporarily excessive measuring values of stations SIM_1 to _3, cluster 'Simulation'! ---

March 27, 2019: TDRM website skin and functionality thoroughly reworked, responsive design facilitates convenient use on smart phones. ---

Jan 01, 2019: Spenden jetzt mit Paypal-Spendenbutton ganz schnell und unkompliziert! ---

Sept 18, 2018: Third sensor station in the Netherlands goes online in Bergen op Zoom. ---

Sept 17, 2018: Negotiations with the office for disaster control (Abteilung für Katastrophenschutz der Städteregion Aachen) are continued on procedures how to deal with automatic alerts generated by the TDRM service in cases of evolving radiation levels  ---

Aug 10, 2018: Our new website has been launched!  
Please report problems, errors, or shortcomings to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.!  
Any comments or suggestions for improvements are welcome. 
The old website can still be accessed via ---